Star Pointe Arts Academy will give the highest level of respect to anyone who enters our facility and expects the same from our students, parents, friends and family members. We reserve the right to remove a student from a class and refuse services to anyone who does not follow the rules and becomes a distraction or causes severe problems to the studio, parents, or other students.

* Absolutely no talking during class. Talking during class causes a distraction for the teacher and all the other students, please socialize with friends before or after class.

* Please show up to class at least 15 min before start time, keep in mind that various different routes will have traffic when coming to the studio. Be prepared for class with proper attire, grooming, and attitude. Please use the restroom before or after class because you will not be allowed to go to the restroom during class due to time and distractions.

* If student needs to leave early, they must notify their instructor before class starts. When leaving do it as quickly and quietly as possible.

* If the student is late for class please wait for music to stop playing before entering the class room. If the student arrives 20 min past the start of class, they will not be allowed in and will have to make up the class on another day.

* Leave drama and outside problems at the door, any one arguing with an instructor or fellow student will be ask to leave and will not be allowed back into class until spoken to with a parent and the instructor.

* NO CELL PHONES OR OTHER ELECTRONICS DURING CLASS! They must be silenced and put away, if they are seen they will be taken away and only given back to parent.

* No whining or complaining during any activity. Star Pointe takes pride in hard work, effort that students put into their craft. The Arts take a lot of work and if the student does not want to apply themselves to the fullest, a meeting will occur to find the best

course of action for the student.

* No Food, Gum or Drinks are allowed in any of the class rooms. Water in a closed bottle is allowed.

* Students are expected to be on their best behavior and use manners towards everyone.

* Do not use equipment unless instructor has given permission, you can get hurt or injured if not used properly or if a student is messing around.

* Respect the studio by picking up all trash and mess you create.


* Saying “I can’t” is not allowed.



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