Our facility is not your normal white wall boring studio, the brand new facility is 3,000+ Sq/Ft Including 3 Dance Studios. Graffiti, and chalk walls fill the location for our students to express themselves to the fullest potential. There are live feed cameras in every room with a TV in the waiting room and windows for parents to observe their students while training. The waiting area also has TV, and Free WiFi while you wait for your little stars to finish up class.


There is a warm up space that includes weights, swiss balls, stall bars, and thera bands with water fountains for your dancers and other students to warm up before class and meet with friends. Our 2,500sq/ft Dance Studios includes harlequin sprung floor throughout the studio that will reduce up to 67% shock absorption to reduce injuries, with cascade gray marley over top ideal for all different forms of dance.

3401 S Congress Ave. Suite 206
Palm Springs Fl 33461
(561) 660-5916
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